About Antiparos

Antiparos island is a beautiful, bright island full of colorful patches, right in the middle of the Aegean Sea. A place with a great history! Monuments and symbols reveal a unique culture.

In the middle of the island, upon a hill, you will find one of the greatest and oldest Caves of the world. Well preserved, it offers its visitors many surprises.

You can visit the Cave with our taxi (+30 6970624750) or with our buses.

To the southwest of Antiparos lie three uninhabited islets that are of great archaeological interest – Despotiko, Tsimintiri (which lies between Antiparos and Despotiko) and Strongylo, which is located to the west of Despotiko.

The island of Antiparos is becoming well known between 17th and 19th century, when foreign travelers visit it and then publish their impressions and sketches of the cave and the rest archaeological sites. Today thousands of tourists visit the island, not only to admire the historical monuments but also to become part of the islands natural beauties. Breathtaking views, amazing sandy beaches, picturesque paths, traditional Greek delicacies, joyful bars & discos, warmth and hospitality … parts of Antiparos … parts of an unforgettable journey.

Antiparos is also easy to access. It will take you only 30 min. by boat from Parikia (Paros’ main port) or 6 min. if you take the small ferry from Pounda.

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